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Black Widow by whymeiy Black Widow by whymeiy
Another practice with drawing and colouring a head.

I had problems with the jaw and nose in my last one so I thought I could benefit from using an actual person as a reference (I also used an easier angle harr harr). I chose Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow from the Avengers because why not? It was also a chance to learn the colour palette for red hair and green eyes as well as a tiny bit of practice with shading clothing folds.

Hoping I got some of the likeness down. So many subtleties to take into account for faces!
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Wolfantom Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017   Digital Artist
This practice stuff seems to be going pretty well, have successfully been avoiding the uncanny valley, which is pretty damn good.

Personally I'd suggest you also work on stylisation for lines and colouring and different ways to do it. Like imo while this clean-lined gradient-coloured style works, it's pretty standard and doesn't have a huge amount of character.

In my recent realism style, as an example, I've been using hatching in the line art to complement the textured brushes I use for shadowing to give it a pseudo-sketchy effect.
whymeiy Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always look forward to your recommendations :)

I had to google what the uncanny valley was lol. I think I'd very easily fall into it and will need to study references for awhile for different angles - not to mention the rest of the body and not just floating heads :P I find it doesn't feel as natural as drawing anime style but I think it's about breaking the habit (I've only ever drawn anime/cartoon style - even in middle school art classes to my art teacher's frustration). I'm hoping the things I learn by doing a more realistic style can be integrated with my anime style.

I agree it does look super generic. I've been relying on the basic tutorials found here on DA and it just so happens they all have clean lined, gradient styles. Don't suppose you have any tips on how to find personal style? Like what made you try out hatching and did you immediately feel like it was the style for you?
Wolfantom Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017   Digital Artist
Yeah, it's a good instinct to also try to learn realism, since ultimately all other styles reference real life, so it's good to know how to depict and stylise it.

Finding a personal style takes just a good amount of research and knowledge of other styles, and also a lot of drive and self-confidence imo (it's way easier to simply draw existing popular styles, they're the most well-liked, and you have way more easy-to-get references to work from).

For finding my own style, well, for the first few years of when I started drawing anime (around 2011) I merely heavily adapted styles I found cool, so I never really had personal style. But when I finally decided to do my own, it took a deliberate effort of drawing from tons of influences (uh yeah, totally not obsessive enough to record them in a journal or anything! =P) and mixing them together, as well as a bit of experimentation with doing things I haven't really seen anywhere else. It's a long process of trying new things and seeing what and what doesn't work, and setting up "rules" for how the style should look. Also the process never really stops, I'm incorporating new elements and improving it all the time.

The hatching thing was something that I felt worked pretty much immediately, yeah. But other things, e.g. eye designs, stylisation of limbs and the sides of character's faces took a long time to refine and get right.
whymeiy Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So deliberate practice and actively trying out lots of different styles and references is what it takes. Good thing I plan to live for a few more decades at least lol. I love that you kept a journal for all your inspirations. I can see from looking through the links where the different parts of your art style came from. Quite amazing actually :) Thank you for the advice ^^
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